Here are some links to the places you can find me online.

Twitter – greater_nemo – greater_nemo

YouTube – greater_nemo – straightlolin – straightlolin aka shoag, My brother Alan’s Twitch channel. One of the most intense and committed gamers I’ve ever known, my go-to Player 2 from birth. Normally streams with his mic on and more often than me. Was at one time the highest ranked and generally regarded as the best Pixel Dungeon player alive, he is the primary reason why there are now challenge modifiers in the game. He currently stands as the player who originated the No Health Potion run, the No Strength Potion run, and who helped popularized the glass cannon-style of character development, which eventually led to the introduction of item durability in the game as a nerf.

/r/PixelDungeon – One of my first real ongoing projects. I took over as head moderator in February 2014, wrote the flair system and the majority of the stylesheet, established the /r/PixelDungeon Hall of Fame as the only existing player ranking body, and helped build the sub into the thriving community it is today. The Rat King in-game was actually an idea of mine that I mocked up for the 2014 April Fool’s Day event on the sub, and it became popular enough that Watabou added it to the game in a later release as a hidden mob with a hoard of treasure. You can find the original and the in-game sprite in the sub’s flair dropdown. As of March 2015, I’ve stepped back as head mod and the sub remains in the capable hands of my esteemed co-mod /u/roasted_lasagna.